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Written by Simon Asquith

What's new in the world of vans March 2022?

March saw some kickback for the Chancellor of the Exchequer after his recent fuel duty cut announcement, as well as the launch of an exciting and affordable all-electric van. A new compact Mercedes van was also teased ahead of its reveal in April.

Here’s what’s been happening in the world vans over the last month.

Innovation Automotive Launch New All-Electric Van

The UK’s first multi-brand electric vehicle company, Innovation Automotive, have launched their debut vehicle: the all-electric DFSK EC35 van. It produces zero emissions and features a WLTP range of up to 166 miles with a 1,015kg maximum payload. 

The EC35 van is powered by a 39kWh lithium-ion battery, with range options including one that reaches 101 miles with a limited top speed of 62mph, as well as the 166-mile range option that has a top speed of 50mph.

The DFSK EC35 is available for £20,999 + VAT, making it an affordable choice for new van buyers.

RAC Question Fuel Duty Cut

The RAC have questioned the impact of the 5p cut on fuel duty announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in March. The cut will last for a year, but the RAC were quick to point out that that tax revenue from fuel is still higher than it was a year ago due to the Government making more in VAT when petrol and diesel prices are high. 

The RAC added that the average price of a litre of petrol is still more than 40p higher now than it was in last year’s Spring Statement, with diesel almost 50p higher. The recent rises in fuel prices are partly due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has increased the price of crude oil. However, prices were already rising before the war started.

A spokesperson for the RAC said: “Unfortunately, wholesale fuel prices were already rising before the Chancellor made his announcement on fuel duty last week. This meant retailers were buying fuel in at a higher cost than they were a week earlier, which meant drivers may not have immediately and fully benefitted from the duty cut. Wholesale prices are currently falling, but it’s likely to be next week before we see what impact this has at the pumps.

“Had the Chancellor instead cut VAT on motor fuel last week, drivers would have seen an immediate and guaranteed reduction in their fuel bill next time they visited a petrol station. As things stand, drivers remain entirely dependent on what is happening on the wholesale market and the extent to which retailers are able or willing to pass on savings they make.”

Mercedes Tease New T-Class MPV Van

A new T-Class van based on the MPV model has been teased by Mercedes. It is being marketed as a ‘premium small van for active lifestyles’ for drivers that need storage space but with a compact exterior.

The new T-Class Mercedes van should be fully revealed towards the end of April.

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Written by Simon Asquith

What's happening in the world of campervans February 2022

A relatively quiet February in the world of campervans, though there was some great news in the form of the UK’s largest campervan event finally going ahead after two years of Covid delays.

Let’s take a look at what else has been happening in the world of campervans over the last month.

New Ford Transit Hybrid Campervan Unveiled

The new Ford Transit Custom Evolution Eco Camper was unveiled by CampervanCo in February. The hybrid design combines the sustainability of an electric motor-driven campervan with the flexibility of a petrol engine for longer distances. The Evolution Eco Camper offers up to 26 miles on one electric charge, but also includes a 1-litre Eco Boost range extending engine. 

The Ford Transit-based hybrid campervan features lightweight, modular kitchen units, induction hobs and an optional a hot water dispenser. There is a 250Ah leisure battery that powers the cooking and lighting systems, as well as the phone and tablet charging stations. On the elevating roof are 1,000W solar panels that can be charged while you drive, and the enhanced insulation is designed for more efficient climate control. 

CampervanCo say you can also add in a variety of other custom options such as wireless phone and tablet charging and a sliding seat rail system that lets you maximise the storage space while driving and living space while parked. You can also add in appliances such as a slow cooker and a coffee machine.

Prices for the Evolution Eco Camper start at £76,000.

Award-Winning Campsites in the South West

February also saw awards being handed out to the best campsites in the UK, specifically in the South West. 

The Dorset Tourism Awards crowned the Monkton Wyld Holiday Park, near Charmouth, with Gold in the Camping and Caravanning Park of the Year category. The Silver award went to South Lytchett Manor Caravan and Camping Park, near Poole. Both campsites are members of the Premier Parks group.

The Cornwall Tourism Awards also announced their results for the 2021/22 season, with two Premier Parks campsites once again taking the top two spots in the Camping and Caravanning Park of the Year category. The Gold went to Trevalgan Touring Park, near St Ives, with the Silver given to the Trewan Hall campsite, located a few miles northeast from Newquay.

UK’S Largest Motorhome Show Finally Goes Ahead

Well, after what seems like years of writing about campervan events being cancelled or rescheduled, it is a relief to announce that the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show finally went ahead after two years.

The UK’s largest leisure vehicle event was sold out at the NEC in Birmingham and was a roaring success by all accounts. One of the featured vehicles was the Evolution Eco Camper described above, and there were so many other awesome campervans and accessories on display as well.

You can check out the exhibitors at the CCM Show website.

If you are interested in buying a campervan and want the best prices available with flexible pricing options, call Effective Campervans on 01484 961567 or email

Written by Simon Asquith

What's new in the world of vans in January 2022

The first month of 2022 saw van manufacturers making big moves towards becoming all electric only, as well as an interesting update to a popular electric Mercedes van. There is also a new Fiat van available to order with a good range of specs to impress medium-van drivers.

Here’s what’s been happening in the world of vans over the last month...

Mercedes eVito Gets Bigger Battery Update

The Mercedes eVito van has been updated for 2022, receiving a bigger battery that should extend its range to 162 miles. There is also a new Premium trim level, with orders now open for the new and improved eVito.

The new battery is 66kWh, plus it also now has DC fast charging. The maximum charge rate bumps up to 80kW, which will charge the battery up to around 80% in 35 minutes. Mercedes say that such as charge as this will add approximately 105 miles on to the range. 

Not much has changed with regard to the placement of the eVito's battery, which remains located beneath the cargo floor. The space inside the van also remains at a generous 6.6 cubic metres, with the maximum payload weight nudging 807kg. It also has the same front-wheel drive power layout and the same maximum output of 114bhp from the electric motor.

Other features of the Mercedes eVito include paddles behind the steering wheel to adjust the amount of energy recovered from braking. There is also a new D-Auto setting where you can pre-set the amount of energy recovered during particular driving situations.

The price of the updated Mercedes eVito starts from £43,600.

Citroen and Vauxhall Vans Go All Electric for 2022

Both Citroen and Vauxhall have announced that some of their van models will go all electric during 2022. 

Citroen will no longer build petrol and diesel versions of their Berlingo and SpaceTourer MPVs, which means the Citroen e-Berlingo and e-SpaceTourer will be the only models in those ranges. They have also announced that they will be lowering the price of these models, with the entry-level e-Berlingo Feel now starting at just £29,495. 

Vauxhall also announced that their Combo Life and Vivaro Life MPVs will now only be built exclusively as electric vehicles starting this year. It is part of their mission to become a manufacturer of electric vans only by 2028. Vauxhall have also lowered the prices of the electric models, with the Combo-e Life now starting from £29,610.

New Fiat Scudo Is Now Ready to Order

The all new Fiat Scudo was made available to order during January and is also now available with a 100% electric powertrain. The Fiat Scudo is based on the Stellantis mid-van and is also available in three diesel engine options with four power settings. 

The all electric version features a 100kW electric motor and is available in two battery size options in either 50kWh or 75kWh. They both have a charging capacity of up to 100kW in DC and 11kW in AC. Interestingly, the load capacity remains the same regardless of what powertrain is used, with all Fiat Scudos featuring up to 6.6 cubic metres of load space.

Written by Simon Asquith

What's New in The World of Vans December 2021?

There were interesting developments in the commercial van market during December as some well-known models received updates and upgrades. The average prices of used LCVs was also revealed, as the holiday season saw a significant increase in demand.

Here’s what’s been happening in the world of vans over the last month.

New EV and Diesel Powertrains Added to New 2022 Fiat Scudo 

Fiat has re-entered the mid-sized van market by creating their own versions of the Peugeot Expert. The Fiat Scudo will soon be available as either all-electric or as a diesel-powered vehicle. The new versions are intended to rival the Ford Transit Custom and the Volkswagen Transporter.

The Fiat Scudo will also make use of Peugeot’s safety equipment, with each variety including automatic road sign recognition, autonomous emergency braking and lane-departure warning, as well as a built-in blind spot-monitoring system. There will also be options to include the likes of a 180-degree rear-view camera with a heads-up display, plus additional safety features such as Grip Control.

The all-electric e-Scudo variety will have a maximum range of 205 miles and starts from £38,869. The diesel-powered variety will start from £29,340.

Huge Battery Capacity Increase for Mercedes eVito 

Mercedes are attempting to make their eVito van more attractive to buyers by massively improving the all-electric van’s battery capacity and range. They are also including fast-charging technology to help the eVito compete with competitors like the Vauxhall Vivaro-e the Citroen e-Dispatch.

The eVito’s battery capacity has been boosted from 41.4kWh to 60kWh.  That should improve the maximum WLTP range from 116 miles to 195 miles, though it still remains significantly less than some rival vans that can be fitted with larger batteries.

The Head of Sales and Marketing Vans for the Mercedes eVito, Klaus Rehkugler, said: “The update opens up commercial electric mobility for even more use cases and, thanks to the longer range, also offers a solution for suburban and rural areas.”

LCV Price Rise Due to Seasonal Demand

The prices of used large commercial vehicles went up significantly during November thanks to a big increase in demand for vehicles leading up to the Christmas season. The increase in demand for LCVs was primarily due to the online and home delivery sector also experiencing a big increase in demand for their services.

November began with an average used LCV value of £9,141, with this average rising to a peak of £10,488 near the end of the month.

The COO of British Car Auctions UK, Stuart Pearson, said: “The used LCV market remains exceptionally competitive and average selling values at BCA have consistently outperformed guide price expectations throughout 2021. The strong market that we’ve experienced reflects the ongoing economic shift supported by consumer-driven online activity plus the well-documented challenges with new LCV supplies. 

“In addition, and as we anticipated, we have seen demand increase in the final weeks of the year to meet the needs of the hub delivery, courier and final mile home delivery sectors.”

Written by Simon Asquith

What's New In The World Of Vans in October 2021?

October brought good and bad news to the world of commercial vans. There have been continued parts supplies problems, but also exciting new van models being made available to buy or having their specs revealed to the public for the first time.

Here’s what’s been happening in the world of vans over the last month.

Semiconductor Shortage Reduces New Van Registrations

It was announced in October that the continuing shortage of crucial semiconductor parts has caused a decrease of around 40% in new LCV registrations during September.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) published a report that revealed there were 31,535 new vans registered in September, which is a huge drop on the pre-Covid five-year average for the month. These latest figures are the lowest number of September registrations since 2009 and the aftermath of the global financial crisis.

The chief executive of the SMMT, Mike Hawes, said: “September was a disappointing month for new van registrations, as the much-documented semiconductor shortage has started to impact supply.”

Hawes remained positive though, adding: “Manufacturers are doing all they can to fulfil orders and, after a strong year so far, demand still remains high. With businesses continuing to renew their fleets, there is a greater choice than ever of new zero emission models coming to market, helping ensure the commercial vehicle sector plays its part in decarbonising road transport.”

New Citroen e-Berlingo Van Goes On Sale

The new 2021 version of the Citroen e-Berlingo Van became available to buy during October, and is on sale now. Prices start from £31,302, which includes the government’s £3,000 plug-in grant. 

The least expensive version of the Citroen e-Berlingo Enterprise Pro features electrically folding door mirrors, automatic headlights and front fog lights, as well as 16-inch steel wheels. Safety equipment includes rear parking sensors, a speed limiter, alarm system and cruise control.

The Driver Pro model has 16-inch black alloy wheels with body coloured bumpers and exterior trim. It also features automatic windscreen wipers and improved sound-proofing in the cabin. Driver Pro prices start from £33,240. 

Fiat Reveal New LCV and MPV Models

Fiat unveiled their new professional light commercial vehicle and multi-purpose vehicle in October. The Scudo LCV and the Ulysse MPV will both be available with either an internal combustion engine (ICE) or as a fully electric vehicle.

The Fiat Scudo will also be available in three configurations, as either a standard van, Combi or as a Cab with platform. The variations of the Ulysse include combinations of seat numbers.

More information on the full specifications and pricing structure will be made available later this year when orders for the Scudo will also be enabled. The Ulysse should become available to order during the early part of 2022.

Written by Simon Asquith

What's New in The World of Vans in September 2021?

September saw some interesting speculation about the future of autonomous vehicle technology, as well as some stylish new upgrades to a few popular van models. There was also good news for anyone looking to sell an LCV via auction.

Here’s what’s been happening in the world of vans over the last month.

Driverless Delivery Vans Within Two Years?

A UK autonomous vehicle technology company has said that driverless delivery vans could be operating on UK roads within the next couple of years, if their application for a trial is successful.

StreetDrone have been developing the technology, and even recently signed a deal with Wilco which gives the high street retailer a £3 million stake in the Oxford-based firm. StreetDrone are hoping to build on their success and trial driverless delivery vans within a couple of years, though the project will need to be sanctioned by Oxford City Council. The current legislation does not allow driverless vehicles on public streets, though there are discussions happening with the relevant authorities to allow a trial of the vehicles.

The StreetDrone founders, Mike Potts and former McLaren engineer Mark Preston believe we are probably still a good ten years away from driverless delivery vans, even if the proposed trial is successful. 

The StreetDrone innovators were also clear that they are not focusing on developing driverless vehicles for motorways and busy town centres. “Instead,” said Preston, “We’re looking at suburban environments and new build housing estates where this sort of ‘last mile’ delivery can bring real value.”

New Nissan Van Designs Revealed

Nissan unveiled a few new van designs in September, most notably their Townstar panel van which now features a choice of petrol or electric powertrains. The Primastar and Interstar Nissan vans have also been given upgrades, now revealed as restyled and rebadged versions of the NV300 and NV400 models previously available.

The new electric version of the Townstar is Nissan’s successor to the e-NV200, and will now come equipped with a 44kWh battery which should provide a maximum range of 177 miles. The new van features several other improvements to its battery technology and motor, which has been switched out for a more powerful 120bhp version.

The Primastar and Interstar have both received a number of styling and technology upgrades.

LCV Values Remain Strong at British Car Auctions

British Car Auctions announced toward the end of September that the sale values of LCVs remained ‘exceptionally strong’ during the previous August. The sale value averaged at £9,874 over that month, which is one of the highest monthly averages on record.

The Chief Operating Officer of UK Remarketing at British Car Auctions, Stuart Pearson, said: “Professional buyer interest at BCA continues to be exceptionally strong for LCVs and we continue to enhance our LCV cataloguing, our grading process and our online buyer services to support the largest registered buyer base for light commercial vehicles in the UK.”

The numbers are especially good news as Pearson noted that August has traditionally been one of the quieter months for LCV sales.