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The Best Cheap Peugeot Vans Available in 2018

Founded in 1810 in France, Peugeot has been manufacturing vehicles for over a hundred years, and its cars are known for their reliability, reasonable prices, and practicality.

If you’re thinking of buying a commercial vehicle from them, there are a range of cheap Peugeot vans to choose from.

UK Vans Direct are expert suppliers of cheap Peugeot vans, as well as a whole range of alternative commercial vehicles. They’re here to introduce the best cheap Peugeot vans available in 2018.


First launched in 2006, this is one of the longest running of the cheap Peugeot vans, but is still competing well with other, newer introductions to the market. It has a wide range of body sizes to suit different needs, with the largest being bigger than the most capacious Ford Transit. Economical to run and with all the handy additions that make this a great working vehicle, it’s a strong contender.


Often considered a leader in the medium-sized light commercial vehicle sector, the Expert offers a comfortable and polished ride, ultimate practicality, and top spec safety features. Its class leading fuel economy and reasonable price add to its appeal, making it perhaps the favourite of all of the cheap Peugeot vans on offer.


Comfortable, pleasant, and entertaining to drive, the Peugeot Partner is available in two lengths 4.38 M and 4.63 M on a single 2.73 M wheelbase. The height is available in either 1.81 M and 1.83 M depending on the model. 

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