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Three Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial DISCOUNT Van for Your Business

The right van can transform your business efficiency, saving you money, giving you a more professional look, and helping you to be more effective in your day to day tasks. The wrong van can be a money sink, breaking down, disrupting your work, and generally not being fit for purpose.

UK Vans Direct are suppliers of discount vans, all new and unused, and all at a massive price saving. They’re here to give us some food for thought on how to pick a van for your business.

1. New or Used?

If you’re looking for reliability, no previous owners, and a manufacturer’s warranty on your van, you’ll need to go new. If you’re really pushed for money and feel like you can compromise on these factors, you may choose to purchase a second hand van. Keep in mind, though, that UK Vans Direct offer massive savings of thousands of pounds on their discount vans – so you can actually get new discount vans for the price of a second hand one.

2. Size

What do you most often transport? What are its dimensions? How often do you go back to base to restock? Are your jobs far from the places your materials are kept? How much does it all weigh? In order to find out which van is best for you, you need to work out how big it needs to be to maximise your efficiency on a daily basis.

3. Specifics

What will you be doing in your van? Do you need it to be your office away from the office, with features for a laptop, sat-nav, and hands-free system built-in? Does it need customisation of the load space for certain tools? Does it need to be particularly striking, or hold graphics well? Which brands of van offer these things?


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