Renault Trafic Sport

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The Pros of the Renault Trafic Sport

The Renault Trafic Sport is one of Renault’s most popular light commercial vehicles, and when it comes to professional circles, you can’t turn around without seeing one appear.

Also a favourite when compared to other manufacturer’s offerings, it’s versatile, practical, stylish, and versatile, making it the perfect asset to your commercial enterprise.

UK Vans Direct are expert suppliers of new light commercial vehicles who recognise the value of the Renault Trafic Sport, offering it to their clients at an amazing £8,500 saving on the dealership price. They also offer full service and backup from Renault, as well as a manufacturer’s guarantee.

So what exactly makes the Renault Trafic Sport such a popular light commercial vehicle to own?


Able to hold 11 sheets of plasterboard or two Europallets comfortably, the Renault Trafic Sport is a study in practicality. Its rugged construction and durable interior design make it a perfect working vehicle.

Fuel Economy

As well as having the extra power of the sport version, the Renault Trafic Sport has an ‘eco’ button on the dashboard so you can choose to maximise your fuel economy whenever it suits you.


The Renault Trafic Sport is one of the most aesthetically pleasing of all the light commercial vehicles, with clean lines and a contemporary, showroom feel.


Perfect for both life on the road as a mobile office, and as an ideal workhorse for the rougher, more physical aspects of your business, versatility is another key trait of the Renault Trafic Sport.

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